Choose the groups of pictures you want to browse through.  They were scanned from 35mm prints at 50 dpi (fairly low resolution) so they would not take too much storage or download time.  If you want a higher resolution image- just email me!
All photos Copyright John Ensworth 1999.
John Ensworth

abidjanskyline.gif (35163 bytes)Abidjan skyline, at sunset.

abidjancountryside.gif (27876 bytes)The Abidjan countryside.

abidjandowntown.gif (42850 bytes)The downtown area in the day.

beachhomes.gif (50403 bytes)Coastal fisherman from Guana.

beachrestruantsign.gif (47749 bytes)The restruant we ate at.

beachrestruantview.gif (44858 bytes)The restruant again.

golfhotel.gif (25044 bytes)The Golf Hotel.

golfhotellobby.gif (46920 bytes)The Golf Hotel Lobby

grandbasaamhouseoutside.gif (45384 bytes)The Grand Bassam - an old home.

grandbassamhouseinside.gif (47432 bytes)Inside that home.

talklobby.gif (48219 bytes)The lobby of the conference (Golf Hotel)