Here is a page showing the adventures I'm having with a suit of armor that actually fits me.  It is named Baladar and came from "Museum Replicas" on the internet ... .


It's debut was at the 2001 Norman, Oklahoma Medieval Fair.   The most common question I received was: Is it hot in there.

Answer: Not when I face into the wind.

The whole suit (with accessories/shoes etc.) weighs about 100 lbs.  This is more than 1/2 my weight.  After 5 hours, I was ready to walk like a civilian. Somewhere between 70 and 100 people had me pose for them with or without family members and friends. It was VERY fun.

Below is a picture of me holding a live (and wary) hawk.



Proof it's me:


SPECIAL :  Knight Scandal  Debunked!

And a head to toe view at the Medieval Fair...

(Thanks Chris and Adrian)


Here is the armor with no add-on's.  The iron is a babe magnet (even if this babe is spoken for.)



AND- the Costume Contest 1st place certificate--- Woo Hoo!!



Baladar and Chauncy -- together.