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aasaopaulo.gif (41959 bytes) Sao Paulo, Brazil (about 24 million people?)

bbhotelroom.gif (44592 bytes)   My Hotel Room

cchotelroom2.gif (34674 bytes)   My Hotel Bedroom (only US $35/night !!)

ddhoteloutside.gif (37929 bytes)  The Hotel

eebeachmud.gif (42215 bytes)   The South Atlantic Ocean and Beach (note mud on beach from BIG storm and white caps still out at sea!)

ffbeachsky.gif (36511 bytes)   A Beach View

ggpalmview.gif (36230 bytes)   The country side

hhharborview.gif (39909 bytes)   The freshwater (most of the time) inland narrow mouth bay.

iiharborindustry.gif (40648 bytes)  The extinct fishing industry (over harvested).

jjcobblestones.gif (41234 bytes)  The harbor district.

kkbahamas.gif (40166 bytes)   This is the ship "The Bahama".  It spilled sufuric acid into the ocean earlier in the week here- is now being floated by internal air sacks.  It was later stolen before the Brazillian government could sink it.

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