llartboats.gif (41734 bytes)   Boats on the bay.

mmbreakers.gif (36242 bytes)   On the jetty.

nnsunsetbeach.gif (34848 bytes)  Sunset on the jetty.

oomoonset.gif (39979 bytes)   Moon over sunset over bay.

ppgoodfish.gif (30992 bytes)   A fish preserved.

qqtumorfish.gif (30838 bytes)   The same kind of fish with a brain tumor (and sunglasses). One of the main attractions for this museum.

rrwhale.gif (30104 bytes)  An ex-whale.

ssmaxibeef.gif (47123 bytes)   The restaurant of beef.

uufishsticks.gif (56652 bytes)   The fish are almost ready... (yep fish sticks).

vvskhole.gif (38688 bytes)   The Serial Killer hole (I hid here to use my telescope so the serial killer and the police couldn't find me).