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Medieval Suit of Armor- Italian Design 

with stand, wearable

Here are the pictures of Chauncy- a suit of armor I slipped off to Florida to grab in January.  The problem is that Chauncy is too small for me, so I'm trying to find a good home for him.   I'm asking $1,400.00 for him.  He is probably around 40 years old from the account of his history given me by his previous owners (The Knife Factory, 500 Belz Outlet Blvd. Suite 205, St. Augustine, FL, 32095  (904) 829-6950 ).  More Questions?  Email Me. 

He will fit someone about 130-150 pounds and 5'6 to 5'8 with about a 15-16" shirt, 28-31" waist.

The armor can be disconnected in places to make it more functional- but it is set up for museum display at present.   A pictorial assembly guide will also be included. 

Shipping from Florida to Oklahoma in two large boxes cost about $110, so shipping should be that or less if you are willing to accept UPS ground.

I will be auctioning him off at ebay.  ----->  Go here to check or bid on him.  Auction ends : April 20th ~ 12pm CST

The following are pictures of him being worn by two friends of mine - Marco and Nicki on two different days.

Click on the pictures for a larger view!



You'll also get this wooden stand and platform to set him up in your house.

Here is the store in St. Augustine Florida where Chauncy was adopted.   The lobby looks empty now.