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aahotelroom.gif (42577 bytes) Narita Station Hotel.  $50/night (only some mold on the floor).

bbbikes.gif (43312 bytes)  Many Bicycles in Narita, Japan!

ccjapancountryside.gif (47337 bytes)  The Japan Country Side

ddtrainat200.gif (38248 bytes)   The Shinkansen Train at 200mph

eenearhiroshima.gif (27957 bytes)  A town between Hiroshima and Iwakuni

ffiwakunistation.gif (41311 bytes)  Iwakuna Station & Downtown Iwakuni

ggkemittammykids.gif (39494 bytes)  Kemit, Tammy and Family!

hhmeonbridge.gif (38482 bytes)   Me on a very old famous bridge.

iisanzoku.gif (36199 bytes)  The SanZoku Restaruant.

jjjapantoilet.gif (38544 bytes)   The toilet everyone uses (male and female).

kkbullettrain.gif (32432 bytes)   The bullet train returns.

lltoiletinstructions.gif (58284 bytes)  Instructions on how to use the western toilet on the train.  (ahem).

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