Choose the groups of pictures you want to browse through.  They were scanned from 35mm prints at 50 dpi (fairly low resolution) so they would not take too much storage or download time.  If you want a higher resolution image- just email me!
All photos Copyright John Ensworth 1999.
John Ensworth

nandifromtheair.gif (38413 bytes)Here is Nandi, Fiji from the air.

nandiandsusan.gif (33946 bytes)Susan Postawko by the ittybitty plane in Nandi.

figifromtheair.gif (39493 bytes)Interior Fiji in the morning.


suvafromtheair.gif (40770 bytes)Suva on landing.

copsinfiji.gif (47352 bytes)C.O.P.S. in Fiji

foodinfiji.gif (41216 bytes)Cool food from the farmers market.

johnatembassyfiji.gif (36947 bytes)Me at the U.S. Embassy.

jungleinfiji.gif (46738 bytes)The eastern Fiji jungle.

junglevillagefiji.gif (49039 bytes)A small jungle village.


nightskyinfiji.gif (36863 bytes)

northbayfiji.gif (33827 bytes)

pensacolabeachfiji.gif (38930 bytes)


beachscenefiji.gif (29721 bytes)