Choose the groups of pictures you want to browse through.  They were scanned from 35mm prints at 50 dpi (fairly low resolution) so they would not take too much storage or download time.  If you want a higher resolution image- just email me!
All photos Copyright John Ensworth 1999.
John Ensworth

honolulu.gif (40159 bytes)Honolulu, HI

viewouthawaii.gif (18111 bytes)The View from the hotel room

viewdownhawaii.gif (56916 bytes)The Veiw down from the hotel room

hawaiipostersession.gif (49195 bytes)The poster session of the talk

maunakeawithjohn.gif (42896 bytes)Me on top of Mauna Kea w/telescopes

marssurface.gif (56098 bytes)The Mars Pathfinder Site (before it landed). :)

maunakeatelescopes.gif (32552 bytes)Telescopes on Mauna Kea

gps_onmountain.gif (59321 bytes)The very tip top.  The Truth is up There

lavatube.gif (54890 bytes)A lava tube

lavaonroad1.gif (35511 bytes)Why you can't drive all the way around the big island.

lavaonroad2.gif (38184 bytes)A rest stop.


volcanovent.gif (41068 bytes)The volcanic vent with boiling ocean!


volcanoventbeach.gif (38981 bytes)...and steaming sand.

hawaiifamily.gif (45284 bytes)A family that adopted me at the vent.

triggerfish.gif (41676 bytes)Evil trigger fish- they bite!