FALL and Christmas at the New Castle


PLUS! Our Christmas Card 2006 Page 1 and Page 2

Here is a quick (and simple) update at the Carrleigh Castle...


Fall hits with a vengeance!  Gold is the word.


Some green, some color...it's beginning all over!


A maple (I think) across the road.


The forest out back.


Autumn trees under cobalt blue sky.


Our (different variety) of maple in the front yard.


Home sweet home (for the birds).


More color out back.

A nice carpet of raking-leaves building up.


Oh yea, this'll take a while...


Then, a few weeks later, after cold and wind hits...the leaves are GONE!


The golden leaves out front are gone too.


But the grass hasn't given up yet.

Now it's Christmas and the house is looking Good! (The sunroom)

In the sunroom looking into the dining room.

The living room... with gramophone instead of TV!

The dining room.

Living Room from the front door entry.

Oh, the TV isn't too far away... down by the fireplace and the knight (Baladar)

Hey! You kids!  Get off my pool table!  

Then Kathy and John got to decorating...we needed some gold light around the house again!


The lights on the bushes twinkle.


And there are candles in the windows...


A nice crop growing on our light bushes.


The neighbors are lightning the night as well (behind our maple tree trunk).


Santa won't miss this house!