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Note: This page is now closed/retired.  Clint is now in charge of this ministry...thanks all!

Next Meeting:   

Kinships are now being restructured as Life Groups Life Group List.  
They will run for about 12 weeks at a time - 3 semesters a year.  
Different topics, leaders, and locations will be featured each semester.  
Check the bulletin board in the lobby for upcoming classes.

** See the Kinship Notes page for past notes.** 

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The Words Ministry Schedule

May 30           Duncan (with help if needed)
June 6            Bill
June 13          John  (Duncan sitting in?)
June 20          Michelle
June 27          Kathy
July 4            Clint      John and Kathy gone
July 11           Duncan    John and Kathy gone
July 18           Bill
July 25           Michelle
Aug 1             John             last time
Aug 8             Kathy           last time
Aug 15           Duncan
Aug 22           Clint
Aug 29           Bill

Pastor Dan's Weekend Update May 21-23, 2010

Greetings Vineyard Family!


Encouragement / Exhortation

            I’m currently doing some reading on healing (so you can expect a sermon or two coming up!) and want to share with you something I read.  This is from Francis MacNutt’s book simply titled, Healing:

            “The healing of Jesus, then, is essential to the gospel.  Jesus’ healings are not merely “signs and wonders” outside the teachings, pointing to the truth of the gospel; they are part of the very gospel message itself!  To deny this is, in effect, to deny the gospel – to change it from good news into good advice which lacks the power to transform us into a new creation.  In short, Jesus did not heal people to prove that he was God; he healed them because he was God.”

            Isn’t it great to know we serve a God whose desire is for us to be whole – spirit, soul, and body?  Jesus healed the sick out of compassion, i.e. because God is love.  As agents of his kingdom here on earth, we’re to do the same – love others and pray for their healing – let’s do it!

News & Notes

1. Please remember our special youth missions offering this Sunday.  We have several young people participating in short term missions trips this summer who need our financial support.  The money collected will be divided between them based on need.  Please make checks out to “Vineyard” and write “Youth Missions” on the memo line.

2. This Sunday after the service we’ll all be heading down to the Dumfries Fire Station picnic grounds for our all-church outdoor party.  The church will provide the meat, buns, and condiments.  We’re asking each person / family to bring a side dish / salad and drinks to share (note: we had a bunch of people sign up to bring chips so we really need some other side dishes).  You may also want to bring a lawn chair or two and / or a blanket.  We’ll have maps to the location in the bulletin.  The picnic grounds are really nice – shaded, with playground equipment and a basketball court – should be tons of fun!  A big thank you to Jude Luellen and the folks at the Dumfries Fire Station for making it available to us! 

3. May is Life Group promotion month!  Six of our summer Life Group leaders have talked about their group, i.e. tried to convince you why you should sign up.  We’ll hear from the last of the leaders, Kurt & Frances Koch, during the service on Sunday.  Sign up sheets will be available again in the lobby.  I encourage each of you to sign up for a summer Life Group – it’s a chance to meet new people, stay connected, and be encouraged in your walk with the Lord – and it’s the way we’ve chosen to “do life” together!

4. Vacation Bible Camp is coming!  We’re partnering with St. Margaret’s church again this year to offer an exciting program for kids the week of June 21st to June 25th.  Registration is going on now.  You can sign your kids up by going to St. Margaret’s website – – and clicking on the VBC icon.  Or you can fill out a registration form at our Information Center and we’ll do the on-line registration for you.

5. The Men’s Lifelong Legacy Discipleship Group meets this Saturday at 8 AM in the Community Center.  This is a great opportunity for men to join together to support and encourage one another in our roles as husbands, fathers, and followers of Jesus.  This is an ongoing Life Group so you can jump in at any time!

Weekend Schedule

Sat – 8 AM – Men’s Lifelong Legacy Discipleship Group in the Community Center

Sun – 8:45 AM – Pre-Service Prayer in Room 206

Sun – 10 AM – Worship Service

            2nd Offering:  Youth Missions

Sun – Noon – All-Church Outdoor Party at Dumfries Fire Station

Dan Davis

Lead Pastor

Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Woodbridge, VA

703-491-2288, ext. 223

"W.A.L.K. with Jesus at the Woodbridge Vineyard"



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Doing Life (Groups) Together

Pastor Dan Davis – August 16, 2009


Importance of connection

-         Give main points from Connection sermons

Talked about importance of connection last month

-         How God designed us for relationship – with him and with one another

-         How so many people feel disconnected in our society despite all the communication technology available to us

-         How people look for connection in the wrong places & go after poor substitutes

-         Defined real connection as:  Something powerful in us touching something good in someone else

-         As we abide in Jesus, the vine, his life flows through us via the Holy Spirit

-         Gives us real power to make a difference in someone else’s life

Real connection rarely happens on Sun AM

Facilitate connection through small group ministry

-         Small groups always been big part of the Vineyard

-         Place to learn & grow together – to encourage one another – to develop relationships with one another

-         Called them “kinships” in our church



Although kinships always been major component of our church life, have sensed the need for a change for quite a while

-         Become stronger over the past year

-         Heightened by some of the challenges we’ve encountered coupled with perceived changes in our culture

Important point before going on:  traditional way of doing small groups (kinships) is not “bad”

-         We’ve had kinships for years – many have been blessed – me included

-         Researched various models & found this out:  just like there are no perfect churches there are no perfect small group models

o   Believers Chapel story – “forced” us to do sermon-based group

o   Initially resistant (rebellious) but turned out ok

-         Need for change also not reflection of current / past kinship leaders

o   They’ve done a great job – poured their lives into their groups

o   Encouraged them to continue to lead groups in the future

But we have had issues

-         Difficulty connecting new people

-         Difficulty starting new groups

-         Difficulty identifying qualified & available leaders

-         Difficulty keeping things “fresh” – avoiding inward focus, spiritual stagnation, & leader burnout

Despite these issues, I’ve had strong conviction that small group ministry is vitally important to the spiritual life of all believers

-         Came to believe need more than minor tweaks to current system

-         Needed a major change


-         Presented new model to elders in Jan

-         Prayed together, discussed, & debated over next couple months

-         Agreed that advantages of new model / system were worth effort & risk of change (& believe me change does involve effort & risk)

-         Decided together to put new system in place in fall of this year

-         Presented to the leadership team in May (most were enthusiastic)

-         Gave you a glimpse of new model this summer w/ Summer Study Groups

-         Have been working behind the scenes – will have signups for new Life Groups in September with groups scheduled to start last week in September



Will talk to you today about the specifics of the new Life Group system – what they’ll look like, how they’ll operate, what’s expected of you

But first – an exhortation

Big change for our church

-         Change is rarely easy

o   Some might be upset if we just changed the name from “Kinship Group” to “Life Group”

o   But we’re making big changes to the way we’re doing small groups

-         Anticipate newer people will probably be ok

-         My exhortation is more for longer-term members

o   You’re used to the kinship model

o   Many of you have been blessed by involvement in kinships

o   Might find yourself naturally resistant to a new model

o   Will be challenging conventional wisdom on small groups as well as changing what you’re used to

-         Keep in mind a couple things

-         1 – We’re not scrapping small groups – just changing the way we implement them

-         2 – My new favorite saying:  Change is inevitable; growth is optional

o   Things are going to change – it’s the nature of life, esp. life in the Kingdom of God

o   Growth requires something from you: an open mind, a humble & teachable spirit, trust in God

-         I’m asking you to give Life Groups a chance – you may just find yourself growing through the experience



Primary differences between Kinship Groups & Life Groups (list then explain)


          Kinship Groups                                          Life Groups

Meet indefinitely (no start/end date) Semester-based (start & end date)

Focus on Core & Committed            Focus on Congregation & Crowd

Fixed format                                     Flexible format

New people invited in                       Everyone signs up

Limited leader opportunity               Increased leader opportunity

Difficult to “multiply”                       Grow by adding new leaders


Indefinite vs. Semester-Based

By far the biggest change & most important change

-         Traditional model (kinships) – groups meet indefinitely

o   Leader & members make on-going commitment

o   End only when leader steps down, group splits, or pastor ends them

-         Life Groups – will be semester-based

o   Mirror academic year – fall, winter/spring, & summer semesters

o   Semesters will last 10-12 weeks w/ stated start & end date

o   Topics, leaders, and members can / will change each semester

Advantage:  Increased Participation

-         Primary advantage of semester-based system

-         Change in culture – people more hesitant about making commitments (have you noticed?)

o   Everyone busy – time limited

o   Priority given to their own needs & their own family

o   Consumer-oriented – How do I benefit?  What’s my ROI?

-         Much less likely to commit to group with no end date – don’t do that with their other life commitments (kids’ sports, college class, work seminar)

-         But are much more likely to commit to a 10-12 week semester

o   “I can give this Life Group a try during the fall semester”

o   “If I don’t like it at least there’s a way out!”

o   But I believe if they try it they’ll see the benefit and sign up for the next semester

-         Talk about how we grow:  Stress & Release – that’s how we’ve been conditioned – think about it – how we’ve been taught to learn


Includes Congregation & Crowd not just Core & Committed

-         Related to increased participation – this is who we’re going after

-         Explain groupings (diagram?)

o   Core (smallest group) – key leaders (elders, board members, ministry team leaders)

o   Committed – “regulars” – attend regularly, tithe (or at least give regularly), & serve in one or more areas of ministry

o   Congregation – call the Vineyard their church home but attendance, giving, & service is not always consistent

o   Crowd – Those who are here “checking us out” – may be “church shopping” (may not even be Christians yet)

o   Community – residents of area with no connection to our church (or really any church)

o   Goal is to move people along from Community & Crowd toward Committed & Core (with brief stop at Congregation)

-         Traditional kinship model focused primarily on Core & Committed groups (also pull in some from the congregation – inconsistently)

o   Not necessarily “bad”

o   Spiritual growth important for them – kinships help lead people deeper & mature in their relationship with Jesus

o   But if those are the only people we’re reaching with small groups we’re missing something

o   Typically only about 30-40% of congregation (maybe 50% for us)

o   Should we be satisfied with that?

o   No – unless we’re only thinking about ourselves

o   What about the other half of the church?

o   If we believe small groups important, shouldn’t we want everyone to get connected in a small group?

-         By moving to semester-based Life Groups, we can come closer to meeting that goal

o   Can pull in people from the Congregation & the Crowd

o   Can see people here today who have been attending for a while but haven’t plugged into a kinship

o   Believe they’re much more likely to sign up for a semester-based group


Flexible Format

-         Another difference & advantage contributing to increased participation & pulling in the Congregation & Crowd is the flexible format of the Life Group

-         Kinships will fairly fixed – met weekly – included worship, bible study / discussion, prayer ministry time, food & fellowship

-         Life Groups will be more flexible – different types of groups with potentially different elements included

-         Envision groups for men, women, young adults, couples, newcomers, over 50

-         Can be based on common interests: music, art, apologetics, the OT, recovery, prophetic, Christianity in the workplace, running, Ultimate Frisbee, or even golf, dog training, & fly fishing

-         The possibilities are limitless

o   Group forming for the fall that will base discussion on Star Trek Next Generation & Nooma videos (might guess who’s leading that one)

-         Do you see how this flexible format will help us pull in people from not only the Congregation, but also the Crowd (& even the Community)?

o   Someone checking out our church might be attracted by one of the Life Groups

o   Maybe they’re an avid fisherman – connect with others from our church who fish – get to know them – make friendships – barriers broken down – eventually come to church

o   Or maybe you know someone at work who loves to run but is resistant to church or bible study – can invite them to the running group

-         Something for everyone – commit for a limited time



Other advantages I want to mention

First want to address some questions / concerns you may have at this point

Are we going too far?

Are we losing the focus of what small groups are all about?

How will a running or Ultimate Frisbee Life Group help people grow spiritually?

What’s the line between being culturally-relevant & culturally-compromised?

So glad you asked!


1. All Life Groups will include at least 2 small group elements (Worship, Biblical Discussion, Prayer, Fellowship)

-         Can do 3 or 4

-         One element common to all groups will be praying for one another

o   This was one of the concerns we discussed as elders

o   Don’t want to lose that first level of care & opportunity to pray and see God move in each other’s lives

o   All Life Group Leaders will go through training – all will be trained on the prayer model – how to listen to the H.S. and effectively pray for one another

-         Other elements will depend on nature of group, e.g.

o   A “Hearing God” group will probably want to incorporate worship

o   A Running group might include a scripture reading / devotion after running together

2. What is real purpose (best purpose) of small groups?

-         Conventional Wisdom: To form intimate relationships

-         Reality: To form godly friendships

-         The “elephant in the room”

-         Thinking goes like this:  If main purpose of small group is to form intimate relationships the group needs to meet indefinitely to give time for people to bond & become intimately involved in each others’ lives – so group meets from now ‘til Jesus returns!

-         But the truth is this: intimate, mutually accountable & encouraging relationships are important BUT they don’t typically happen in the context of the small group meeting

-         True that we will share more with our group over time but we’re not gonna’ share the most intimate details of our life with 15 people

-         Small groups are a place for godly friendships to be made – then from there intimate relationships can develop

-         But those relationships are carried out outside the small group

-         My Springfield kinship experience – clicked quickly – shared on a personal level – but still only comfortable sharing most intimately with one or two

-         Nothing stopping you from seeking after mentoring / accountability relationships with one another – go for it!

3. You’re not losing anything!

-         We’re staying committed to small group ministry

-         It’s the way we’re gonna’ be doing life together

-         Will still be meeting weekly to be encouraged, strengthened, & challenged

-         Can still meet with the same people (decide together what group and sign up for it)

-         We’re just doing small groups a little differently


-         You’re primary relationship is still with Jesus – still need to be spending time with him in prayer and reading his word

-         I really believe we’re not losing anything & we’re gaining so much more!

-         But here’s a question:  What if you were losing something?

o   Would it be worth it?

o   Would it be worth it to you to give up a little of your comfort zone, a little of what you’re used to, in order to see many people brought into a closer relationship with Jesus and with one another in our church?

o   Would that be worth it?

o   Jesus’ heart broke for his people that were scattered and wandering – like sheep without a shepherd – how about you?


Two More Advantages

Mention two more advantages of Life Groups because they’re important

1. Increased Leader Opportunity

-         Under kinship system, had difficulty finding qualified and available leaders

o   Either their life wasn’t quite together enough to provide the pastoral care necessary

o   Or they were too busy to take on the responsibility – esp. since it was an indefinite commitment

o   Or if they did take on the responsibility how do we avoid burning them out?

-         Will be much easier under semester-based Life Group system

o   People will more readily commit to a semester

-         Also, people will be able to lead a group on something they’re passionate about

o   E.g. from Summer Study Groups – Tom Dolan (FPU), Wayne Greene & Trygve Galaas (Apologetics), Steve & Gretchen Perkins (Prayer Training), Marci Dolan & Judy (Bible Study)

o   What are you passionate about?  Are you willing to lead a group for a semester?

o   Only have to call this your church home, come to the training, and be willing to commit for a semester

o   Who’s the next Tom Dolan ?

2. Easier to Add Groups

-         Difficult to do with kinship groups

-         Conventional theory: group grows until too big then splits

-         But nobody likes that term “split”

o   Conjures up “bad hair,” relationships that don’t end well

o   Can make it sound better by using “multiply”

o   But reality is the same – unnaturally forcing a separation of people

-         Life groups will multiply naturally by adding new leaders & groups

o   More will qualify to lead

o   More will catch the vision

o   More will have the opportunity



We are making a big change in the life of this church

We’re changing how we do life together – in Life Groups vs. Kinship Groups

We’re becoming a church of small groups vs. with small groups

Consciously reduce the number of “options”

-         So as not to compete with Life Groups for your time

Most of our ministry will flow through the Life Group system

We’re asking everyone to connect in a Life Group

-         If you call this your church home, you’ll be in a Life Group

Will have fall Life Groups firmed up by the end of the month

-         Catalogue put together

-         Sign ups will occur during September

-         Officially start the last week in September

We’re changing the way we “do life” together

I’m asking each of you to embrace the change

Spring 2010 Life Groups

Women to Women Life Group
Leader:  Judy Davis
Monday Nights @ 7:00pm
Location:  3951 Hartlake Street, Lake Ridge
Phone:  (703)398-7038
Description:  You've probably defined yourself based on false expectations from others and these misperceptions can make

you feel that you don't measure up to some arbitrary standard. This study guide will guide you from insecurity to confidence in

your innate value as a women and a child of God.  Material:  “Women of Worth” book is $8.  Ordered for you if sign-ed-up and paid for by January 24th.  No childcare.

Young Adult Life Group
Leader:  Joel & Sharon Clark
Monday Nights @ 6:30pm
Location:  6312 Greeley Blvd, Springfield
Phone:  (814)779-9242
Description:  The focus of this group is to strengthen relationships of the young adults in the church.  There will be an

emphasis on worship and prayer as we seek to go deeper together in our walk with the Lord.  No childcare.

The Truth Project Life Group
Leaders:  Wayne Greene
Tuesday Nights @ 7:00pm
Location:  The Vineyard – Community Center
Phone:  (703)580-9114
Description:  This DVD curriculum from Focus on the Family is the starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective.

  Each lesson discusses the relevance and importance of living Christian worldview in daily life.  No childcare.


Missions Awareness Life Group
Leader:  Steve Sirag & Jason Roberson
Tuesday Nights @7:00pm (Bi--Weekly)
Location:  8860 Winding Hollow Way, Springfield
Phone:  (703)986-3761
Description:  This group engages in worship and prayer for the purpose of releasing God’s power in their lives and through them into the lives of others. 

We’ll be seeking the Lord’s direction for both local and cross-cultural missions.  Come with expectancy and a desire to soak in God’s presence.  Material provided.  No childcare.


Emotional Check-up Life Group
Leader:  Michelle Perkins
Tuesday Nights @ 7:30pm
Location:  The Vineyard—Meeting Room #206
Phone:  (703)403--5657
Description:  The Christian faith is suppose to produce deep positive change.  So why doesn’t it seem to happen in real life.  Very few people

come out of their families of origin emotionally whole or mature.  In this study you will discover the emotional layers you’ve carefully tried to conceal

from everyone.  This journey, once you realize the critical link between emotional and spiritual health, will forever change you, your relationship with

Christ and your relationship with others.  Materials:  “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” book by Peter Scazzero; $15 and Group member pack; $9. 

Ordered for you if signed-up and paid by January 24th.  Childcare:  Available by request



Easter Choral Ensemble Life Group
Leader:  Clint & Becky Smith
Thursday Nights @ 7:30pm
Location:  The Vineyard-Sanctuary
Phone:  (571)215-7300
Description:  Choir is an excellent way to connect with others in an informal setting.  We’ll be working together on music to help us remember our

Savior’s death and resurrection on Easter Sunday.  High school students are welcome.  Material provided.  Childcare:  Available by request.

Identity in Christ Life Group
Leader:  Tom Mainey
Thursday Nights @ 7:30pm
Location:  The Vineyard-King’s Kids
Phone:  (571)285-3454
Description:  This group is for anyone who may need or want to know just what it means to be in “Christ.” We are in an age of identity theft, but this

is something the enemy has been at for ages. It is his intent to destroy your self-image; however, when you accepted Jesus you are who The Lord says you are!

We will focus on revealing who the Lord says you are through scriptures.  No material.  Childcare:  Available by request.




Family Devotions/Fun Life Group
Leaders:  Sean & Christie Linser
Friday Nights @ 7:30pm
Location:  The Vineyard-Community Center
Phone:  (703)730-1531
Description:  Our goal is to build stronger family relationships through the word and through play.  We desire to strengthen the relationship between

parents and children, so that God can be glorified through them.  We only have our children for a short time, and as parents, we need to feed them God’s

word.  We intend to do a weekly family devotion as well as just playing with our kids! Sometimes we need a reminder to just play with our kids and get

on their level.  “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” – Prov. 22:6.      

Men’s Legacy/Lifelong Discipleship Life Group
Leaders:  Greg Perkins & Kornel Gyalokay
Saturday Morning @ 8:00am (Bi-weekly)
Location:  The Vineyard-Community Center
Phone:  (703)402-1826
Description:  "Letters from Dad" is a curriculum/workshop designed to help men leave a legacy of faith, hope, and love through the lost art of letter writing

and the concept of the spoken blessing.  It teaches men how to bless their families today and for generations to come.  No childcare.




Next time we meet for Harvest Banquet at church and have our regular meeting: 

Next time we serve at the homeless shelter: 

Next Game/Potluck Night (a 5th Thursday of the month):

October 29, December 31st (New Years Eve Party?)

When John and Kathy next do announcements at church: 





New Life Anointed International Building
Marumsco Plaza
14001 Jefferson Davis Hwy,  
Woodbridge, VA

Service begins at 10:30am


(Near our NEW church - Longview/Prince William Parkway and Hwy 1/Jefferson Davis Hwy

(Right behind 5 Guys.)






Stuff saved for I HAVE to recreate the web map for our next visit to the Smith's?
Oh I think not!!  So there!   By the way...what are you doing reading stuff down here typed
in blue on blue...that is very strange behavior!


You may come and serve, or contribute to the purchase of a load of Costco food for 25-30 people:
Lasagna, A veggi, Bread, Lunch food (Sandwiches (Turkey/Ham/PB&J), mayo, coffee, sugar, chips
cookies and fruit), two gallons of milk . 
VOA shelter - 14945 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Woodbridge, VA - (703) 680-5403

Arrive around 6:15pm for dinner at 7:00pm (clean up should be done by 8:00-8:30pm).


Details:  8601 Norfolk Ave
Annandale, VA 22003-3627,
(on the SW corner of Norfolk and Wakefield Dr.)
Map of 8601 Norfolk Ave Annandale, VA 22003-3628, US  

Also Memorial Day at the Smith Kinship 
Details:  8601 Norfolk Ave
Annandale, VA 22003-3627,
(on the SW corner of Norfolk and Wakefield Dr.
Phone: 703-764-5280
Map of 8601 Norfolk Ave Annandale, VA 22003-3628, US  )



Ashley's House

Her address is 9450 Cloverdale Court, Burke, VA  22015.  
Her phone number is 310 714-3925.  MAP!


Hello All!
I look forward to having you at my house tomorrow night.  I live in a
neighborhood with limited parking so here are a few parking spots that
I've already previously gotten permission from my neighbors to use
from time to time.  You'll see numbers on the curb at each spot and
these are okay to park in: 24, 20, 21, 81, 74.  Otherwise there is
open parking on Box Oak and Torrence which is a few hundred yards from
my home.