Choose the groups of pictures you want to browse through.  They were scanned from 35mm prints at 50 dpi (fairly low resolution) so they would not take too much storage or download time.  If you want a higher resolution image- just email me!
All photos Copyright John Ensworth 1999.
John Ensworth

outsidecheers.gif (53947 bytes)The Cheers Bar, Boston, MA.

insidecheers.gif (50219 bytes)The inside of Cheers (this man wouldn't move!).

cabintonorth.gif (51877 bytes)The Cabin in Arizona

cabintosouth.gif (52892 bytes)The other side of the cabin.

bodybuildingbefore.gif (43703 bytes)bodybuildingafter.gif (41930 bytes)My before and after EAS Physique challenge (I placed in the top 96%- but didn't win).   Sorry they are dark.