PRESS RELEASE: Monday April 16th, 2001 - Norman, Oklahoma --- Immediate Broadcast Requested


    If you're here because of the stories on either CNN or Geraldo, we at wish to put to rest the blatant lies surrounding the picture that has probably been copied via email a half million times around the world just since the weekend of April 14th-15th.  


    Here, for your discernment are both the original and faked pictures.  Though pixel level analysis is not conclusive, one can extrapolate by the angle of the sun that the picture on the right was definitely doctored.  There is also a degradation of overall image quality showing that the forger obviously has nothing better than a Microsoft product like Paint to work with. 

    To show the depravity of nature in these jpeg-jockey's, here is a copy of the threatening letter accompanying the picture sent to

"...I see a grave error on your page that needs to be corrected.  How DARE you claim that the picture
of you in the suit of armor is "proof" that you were in said suit!  I'm on
to your little scheme, mister, and have enclosed the REAL original picture
of the Medieval Fair knight.  Be warned that we don't take such things

--Brian "

    We at don't take things like this lightly EITHER!


The Real Knight                                                                            The amateur-ish forgery



John Ensworth, Knight and Webmaster