Scott Shideler


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NEW!  Bev has launched her online candle store!

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Alexander P. Shideler, or Scott Shideler, is my best friend, brother, and brother in Christ.  There really isn't anyone on the planet who knows me inside and out like he (that excludes Jesus as 'someone on the planet'...who, well, is far beyond all measure!).

He, unlike anyone else, sharpens and challenges me physically (wrestling, judo, marathon running etc.), mentally (he doesn't take crap and is a tough critic of the stuff I write and teach (when he gets to read or hear it respectively), and spiritually (he is a wide open man of God who is very much like a modern David (except he hasn't ruled Israel or waged war against the Hittites - yet)).

This page is dedicated to him and his awesome wife Bev (Beverly) and his gaggle of killer-cute kids

Note the big cheesey grin!  Very characteristic of the Shideler Species. 



This is Bev and Scott practicing for a Christmas Church special up near their home in the Chicago area...

And the twins - Hannah and Cadence paying very close attention.... yea right. 


And Mom Shideler is watching the new baby (at that time) Joy... who IS paying attention. 

The next two pictures are of a big bunch of Shidelers at Thanksgiving in Texas.  I'll have to get THEM to give me the names of all present...

Here is the house they lived in - in the north suburbs of Chicagoland. 

Now they live in a sleek one-level in Corpus Christi.   The van in the driveway has been tastefully upgraded recently. 
(No pictures available by court order). 

Here is Scott, Bev and the gaggle of kids.  Those may LOOK like diapers in her hand, but they are really very important documents. 
Don't be mistaken. 

Then, more recently, they had their first boy... Alexander John Shideler  (GREAT combination of names if you ask me! ). 

He's a bit out of it... this was the 4th hour of the photo shoot. Tara, his oldest daughter, held the group together!

And a close up of Alex John in Tara's arms...

Thanks to the incredible creativity of Bev - candle maker... (see glorylight candles - web page coming soon) and surprisingly lax child labor laws,
 they often put the kids to work selling Bev's candles.  Joy, on the right, is a hard driver when it comes to blueberry scents.

Go to  The Glorylight Candle Company

This is a close-up of the display in a flea market in Corpus Christi. 

Nope, those are NOT real muffins.  They are movie muffins.  You can't eat them.

Um - same thing with the pies.  No touchie! Just burning. 

Go to  The Glorylight Candle Company

Here is an earlier picture of when Scott and I ran the Chicago Marathon together in 1999.  We are smokin' up the road in Chinatown (I think this is around mile 17 or something like that). 

A couple of years later, he (without training time) joined me (with a nice new cold in full progress) to keep me running to the end. 

What's better than a bro who helps you finish well?

Here is a candid shot of Scott (I believe) setting up the new garage for Bev's candle making to resume 
 (which she has gone after with a vengeance since).   Or maybe he is thinking 'I could tackle John and rub his
face in the driveway right now'.  Who will ever know. 

Scott is also a most Excellent D.M. and has mixed the One True God in with the existing funky religions of D&D 
and runs a (now 6 year old?) campaign with  Bev (pictured), myself and some other friends. We reside in Normanland, Oklahoma.

Thank you Cingular for free weekend long distance!


Scott now teaches the 'youts' of America middle school Math of many types.  This is is other kingdom where paper
 wadding and gum chewing can get you sent to the guillotine (or detention).

So you, now, oh anonymous reader, know a bit about the man I most gladly call my dearest friend and brother.

You would do well to pray and ask God to bring a 'David' like him into your life!


by  John Ensworth, September 14, 2003 (Bev and Scott's B-day!)