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7705 Carrleigh Parkway, Springfield, Virginia 22152-1305


Our Realtor   (Listing was removed because the house is under contract- OUR contract baby!).

Carrleigh Park Subdivision, Keene Mill Manor Neighborhood ( more, and more )

West Springfield

Springfield District

Fairfax County   (more info and even more info)

38 deg 46.914 minutes  (38.7819 degrees)
77 deg 12.719  minutes  (77.211983 degrees)

Elevation 222 feet (amsl)


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FALL and Christmas at the New Castle Photos and Newsletter

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The Drive In  Video

The Drive Out (Early Fall) Video    NEW!!    Oct 26, 2006

The Kitchen Close-up 

Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2 Kitchen 3 Kitchen 4


A sampling of images:

6 bedrooms (3 upstairs, 3 downstairs), family room (downstairs), library/gaming room/den (downstairs)
 2 dining rooms (main level), living room (main level), unfinished basement room (downstairs)
3 full bathrooms - 2 with  bathtubs and showers, 1 master shower only.

Nice front yard tree.

The deck and kitchen exit. Wide driveway!

Additional View click "birds eye view" and click image of bigger buildings to zoom in. 

Northwest corner of house.

Just inside the front door.

  The Sunroom from the Dining Room.

  The adequate kitchen.

  The downstairs Family Room w/fireplace.

  Anyone want to buy a pool table?


The Utility Room where mad-scientist experiments will happen.

  The  shed hidden in the woods...

  The view back at the house as the forest swallows you.

Nearby (1.5 mi) Lake Accotink  
Trail map at:

More Accotink Park Information   Mileage Map

Nearby Wakefield Park Information  More Info

The Marina to the southeast (see web cam below).

Live Web cam from the Accotink Lake Dam 

  This is a live view of the lake looking northwest from the marina.


Nearest Fairfax Library Branches:     Richard Byrd Library (3.6 miles off Old Keene Mill Rd.), 
                                                                    Pohick Regional Library  (4.5miles, west on Old Keene Mill Rd.)

Nearest Post Office:                              West Springfield Post Office (2.0 miles) 6200 Rolling Rd, Springfield, VA, (703) 569-0378 

Our Church:                                           Woodbridge Vineyard  (17.50 miles to the south southeast).

Nearest Grocery Stores:                      Giant at 8320 Old Keene Mill Rd. 2.02 miles west of the house (BEST!).
                                                                   Giant at 6426 Springfield plz  4.96 miles to the southeast of the house.

Nearest Gaming Stores:                      NOVA Comics - West Springfield 1.3 miles to the east.
                                                                   Happi Books and Comics - 3.4 miles to the north (7127 Little River Tpke # C, Annandale, VA)
                                                                   Game Parlor - Chantilly 15.69miles to the northwest.
                                                                   Game Parlor - Woodbridge 17.51 miles to the south southwest.   (6.06 miles from Church).
                                                                   Eagle And Empire - Alexandria 13.39 miles to the east.  (New location will be 8 miles

Nearest Schools:                                   Keene Mill Elementary School 1.64 miles to the southwest on Bardu Ave and Old Keene Mill Rd.

                                                                   Washington  Irving Middle School 1.76 miles to the southwest on Bardu Ave and Old Keene Mill Rd.

                                                                  West Springfield High 2.23 miles to the west on Rolling Rd. and Grigsby Rd. 

Bus and Metro Info:  The nearest metro train station is Franconia-Springfield which is 5.52 miles away to the east-southeast.

                                        The nearest bus route to the house is the 18G.  This stop is 1.03 miles from the house at Greeley Pl and Carrleigh Pkwy. 
                                        near the entrance to Accotink Lake, i.e. Carrleigh Parkway Park.  Weekday morning departure times are: 
                                        5:55am (Pentagon 6:20am), 6:25am (Pentagon 6:50am), 6:54am (Pentagon 7:20am), 7:23am (Pentagon 7:50am), 
                                        7:54am (Pentagon 8:20am), 8:27am (8:50am) (It's best to show up at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to time listed here.)


                                        Return 18G busses leave the Pentagon from 4:15pm to 6:30pm arriving near home from 4:42pm to 7:00pm

                                    And we have access to ALL "18" busses from the Rolling Valley Mall - Park & Ride     

                                    Afternoon Pentagon to Rolling Valley Mall Schedule - Blue Line 310/18 buss combos.

                                    Park and Ride Facilities- Department of Transportation - Fairfax County, Virginia - Go to line 27.

Rolling Valley
9220 Old Keene Mill Rd
Burke, VA 22015
664 spaces Cost: Free Fairfax Connector 310 Metro Bus Lines 18G,J,P,R,S



Cingular Coverage Maps:  

                                                            Normal Coverage              3G Coverage

                                                                 Updated Map - Jan 2007                                                   Jan 2007

Voting Locations and facts:
                                                            Locality Name: Fairfax
                                                            Precinct Code & Name: 0128 - CARDINAL
                                                            Polling Place Name:  Cardinal Forest Elementary School    (2.03 miles to the West)
                                                                                                 8600 Forrester Boulevard
                                                                                                 Braddock District
                                                            Virginia House District: 42
                                                            Virginia Senate District: 39
                                                            United States House District: 11
                                                            United States Senate:  George Allen (R), John Warner (R)

Swimming and Racquet Club (2 blocks away).  From a news article:
Officials at the Walden Glen Swim & Racquet Club in Springfield, VA., have lowered the one-time initial membership fee from $550 to $1.  Annual dues for member families then cost an additional $250.  “It has worked reasonably well for us,” says membership director Bob Bell.  “We have people who drive by other pools to come to ours.”  Still, Bell says, the pool is barely scraping by.