Star Trek Night

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This page was updated: July 27, 2010

The Official Star Trek Night Countdown
There are only:

Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds  Before the Next Star Trek Night

Star Trek Night:  

The Next  Star Trek Night will be Wednesday's beginning on
 an unknown date in the Longmont, CO area

Bring a Friend!
  If you are just surfing here and want to come to Star Trek Night-
email me
for directions!  Everyone and anyone are invited!

 Episodes are:   Return here for SciFi shows updates. 

Current Shows

         Warehouse 13  My current favorite show - Tuesdays 9/8c

         Dr. Who (2010) Saturday evenings on BBC America - too stinking cool for words

         Smallville:    On the WB Fridays 8/7c. Will conclude after 10 seasons.

         Chuck  a surprising scifi show (I thought it was an office sit-com). A touch of matrix.              

         Stargate Universe - A show in its 2nd season that better gosh-darn lighten up and stop just copying BSG

         Eureka  A fun, somewhat light hearted SyFy show

         The Big Bang Theory  - have only seen parts, but looks good and funny

Passing Shows (shows on the edge of existing)

        Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis aired Friday nights on SciFi Channel  
still without Richard Dean Anderson but WITH Ben Bowder (and Claudia Black sometimes)..

        Tripping the Rift   DVD only  


        Enterprise:  Ended May 13th, 2005 - canceled after 4 seasons. Catch up on what you missed on DVD. 
       Season 1, Season 2 , Season 3, Season 4 (final)   (Don't forget Netflix as an option as well!

Passed Shows

        FARSCAPE   - The Peacekeeper Wars - On DVD at   Netflix 

         EARTHSEA - a new Sci Fi Channel mini-series        On DVD at


         The Tick

         Jake 2.0


         Space 1999

         The older Star Treks


Episode Guides I have known:

A great overall SciFi Site :    

Another bonus (thanks to Tom.) 

Dr Who (2005+) from the BBC


Tripping the Rift    

The NEW Battlestar Galactica

Stargate SG-1 Episode Guides:

The Tick - Animated - Episode Guides:

The Tick Episode Guides:

Jake 2.0 Episode Guides:  

TREMORS Episode Guide 

Space 1999 Episode Guide 

John Doe Episode Guide 

FARSCAPE Episode Guides:    and
   also and still one more 

FUTURAMA Episode Guides

Smallville Episode Guides

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Episode Guide:    

BABYLON 5 Episode Guides

You can check out B5 at .  The episode guide is at

Try Also: The Lurker's Guide to B5
or even

 And a new one at:

Star Trek Classic (TOS -The Original Series)- Episode Guide    (Go down to the "S's").

Star Trek: The Next Generation (STTNG) Episode Guides

Star Trek Enterprise - Episode Guides

You can get more information about Star Trek from Star Trek/Paramount itself.
Old News on the Next Series is here.

Here's a new one for ya...  
More information about ENTERPRISE
and yet ANOTHER great web site: 
OR try Trek Nation at :  

From - you can get the Enterprise 
 season at a glance:
( possibly gone for good

Enterprise Schedule from